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Business Prospecting Lists: Facebook Tricks

Business Prospecting Lists

Business prospecting lists are hard to create when it comes to social media aren’t they? Wouldn’t it help if you could start creating lists where you can keep track and engage with certain prospects when you want? Yes, you’re correct, creating prospecting lists are absolutely key to your business and results online. 

Business Prospecting Lists

So what I’m going to do is show you how to create prospecting lists and how they can help you keep up with prospects who may be a potential fit for your products or services.

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How to Create Business Prospecting Lists On Facebook

So first things first, let’s focus on Facebook and how to build a prospect list using one of the least known business prospecting tools they provide. Sure this feature may not be known solely for this marketing activity, but it absolutely works if you know how to use it properly. So here’s what we need to do next.

STEP 1 – Locate Sidebar Menu

On the side of your news feed, you’ll see a list of options you can select.

Business Prospecting Lists

STEP 2 – Click “See More”

Select “See More” to reveal additional sidebar tabs.

Business Prospecting Lists

STEP 3 – Find the “Friends List” Option

Scroll down till you find the “Friends List” option and click on it.

Business Prospecting Lists

STEP 4 – Create New List

Next you’ll want to click where it says “Create New List”.

Business Prospecting Lists

STEP 5 – Name Prospect List & Add Friends

Then once you’ve selected to create a new list, fill in the name of the list and start adding friends who’d be most suited for that specific prospecting list.

Business Prospecting Lists

Now when it comes to naming your list, I recommend you name it after the product or service most suited for that prospect. I actually talk more about that in my Target Marketing courses, but more on that another time.

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STEP 6 – Engage with Your New Targeted Prospect List

As soon as your list has been successfully created, it’s time to engage with your list(s). Check in, like, engage with your prospect’s posts and even create posts tailored towards them. 

Business Prospecting Lists

One big perk about these lists is the fact that only people located on these lists will be able to see your updates you post within those lists. But again, more on that later.

Need More Help Learning How to Build A Prospect List?

Building a prospect list can be very beneficial for marketers and business owners using social media. Being able to follow up with ideal customers is not only smart, but it’s an important piece of the sales process when it comes to making money online. But if there’s one strategy I recommend when it comes to following up, it would have to be email marketing.

Not only are you able to follow up with email marketing, but you’re also able to send out automated emails without having to manually message every prospect on your list.

Want to learn how to grow your email list instead of business prospecting lists on Facebook? I recommend you first take advantage of this free email list growth course. Once you complete it you’ll learn how to start growing your list in just 10 minutes a day and build a relationship with your prospects and potential customers. 

Business Prospecting Lists

Make sure you take notes; you’re going to love how much the power of email marketing helps you create results in your business.

Click here to learn how to grow your email list in just 10 minutes per day!

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  1. Hey Rod,

    Great article! I myself am interested in online business and marketing. I also realize how important it is to target the correct demographic for the product you are trying to sell in order to have any success. I don’t do a lot of business on Facebook, but recently I have been realizing that I should and your article definitely was a good influence for me. Facebook seems like an easy and convenient way to group people together based on their interests and I can’t wait to try it!

    1. Appreciate that Pat! Understanding the power of Target Marketing is always the to go my friend. And yes, Facebook is still a platform worthy of attention for marketing. I’m glad this post influenced you to give it a try. Stay connected and let me know your experience using this strategy. I’m rooting for you!

  2. Hi Rod, 

    Thanks for this post! I really appreciate how clearly you wrote it. I’m trying to understand the basics of marketing using Facebook, and it was really encouraging to see how straightforward and simple you made the process for this. Thanks also for that email marketing course at the end, I’m definitely going to check that out!

    Just to clarify, when you name your lists, do you keep the names really basic? For example, if your targeting/trying to sell weight-loss products or blenders or something, would you just call your list weight-loss or blenders?

    This is a very smart strategy you’ve laid out here and I can’t wait to try it. Thanks!


    1. You’re welcome Beth! I’m glad you found the content clear and straightforward.

      And yes, when it comes to naming your lists, you can keep it simple, or name it directly after your “product”.

      What matters most is that you engage with them while using the list name as a guide to craft your selling approach. If you’re selling blenders, make sure when you speak with prospects, “THAT” is what you’re promoting and selling.

      Once you try out the strategy and email course let me know.

      Look forward to seeing you succeed!

  3. Great info Rod. I have created a business page for my business, but I didn’t know I could add a specific group of people to share my business with them. Thank you for posting this article. I have one question. Can I make a list for a page? Have a great day.

    1. Yea, having the ability to utilize this feature for target marketing is such a business booster. And yes, you can make a list for your page. Just make sure you personally connect with people as friends first, then invite them to like your page. Doing so can potentially increase the likeliness of them becoming a follower of your page and allow you to add them to that specific list. If you need more help, reach out to me on social media.

  4. Hi, Rod!
    I really appreciate your post! I’m trying to be into online business and as a newbie in WA I’m always looking for news on the topic. Never trusted FB a lot though. The Covid19 pandemic brought a huge financial crisis and everyone is trying to find alternative sources of income myself included. Nevertheless, I’m still renitent in using most of the existing platforms.
    Thanks for sharing and keep safe!

    1. Oh that’s ok. It’s good your searching for news and updates. Very helpful. As long as you find a platform that works for you, that’s what matters most. Thanks for your feedback.

  5. Rod:
     This was a great article for me. Easy to read and full of helpful information. I just started my online marketing business three months ago,  and your idea of using the friends list on Facebook was a great idea. What a great idea of using Facebook to create an email friend’s list. The advice on targeting the right demographic for my products did not fall on a deaf ear, either. I can see the value of taking the time to go through my email lists and matching up my products and services with targeted email prospects and clients. However, the other big bonus I got from your article was the link to “Email Growth List Blueprints”. I have not paid too much attention to email marketing as a part of my online marketing plans, but the online tutorial was easy to follow, and I learned a lot from the six-part free course. I know feel confident I can leverage what I learned from your articles to increase my reach and revenues. Thanks 

    1. Glad you found value from this post Terry. Targeting the right demographics is definitely key. Absolutely agree. Much success to you in your future marketing efforts! Reach out anytime you need support.

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