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Earn Money Clicking Ads Without Investment in 2022

Earn Money Clicking Ads Without Investment

You’re looking to earn money clicking ads without investment, aren’t you? I searched for endless ways to click ads and earn money when I was first getting started with marketing. Looking for legit paid to click sites, I found a few websites that allowed me to do just that. 

There are ways you can get paid to click links, or even get paid when people click your links. Were you wondering how to earn money by clicking ads? Well, I’m going to share a few of those sites where you can click ads to earn money and also even get paid to watch ads as well. Depending on which site you use, there can be several ways for you to earn online. 

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Earn Money Clicking Ads Without Investment

But before I share the sites, let’s take a second and understand what a paid to click site is.

What is A Paid to Click Site?

A paid to click site is a website where you can get paid to click ads free. You’re able to earn money by clicking ads without investment required in order to get paid.

PTC sites play the role of a bridge connecting consumers and advertisers allowing each viewer to click and earn money as a result. Ok, so now that we understand what a PTC site is, here are a few of the most recommended sites you should get started with today.

Now, not all PTC sites are the same. Some have limited and others have multiple ways for you to earn. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to focus on the multiple featured sites. Here are the most recommended paid to click sites that really pay their users for their activities. It’s your choice, but I suggest you sign up for all of them and try each one to see which one you prefer to use primarily.


Inside Swagbucks there are ways for you to earn money by seeing ads, completing surveys, free offers and even LIVE trivia events that allow you earn more cash.


With InboxDollars you’re allowed to click and get paid, try out cash offers, take surveys, play games and much more. 


At ySense, users are able to earn money by clicking ads for free, fill out paid surveys, refer others and more.

Most of these sites allow you to earn money online per click, but they all also provide similar activities. So some activities may not have been listed above for the sake of keeping this post shorter. Which is why I encourage you to sign up for them all and see for yourself.

Also, you should keep in mind, you can also get paid posting ads for these sites on Facebook. The more you share your referral link for each site, the more you’re rewarded in return.

Pros & Cons of PTC Sites

Now although these sites may seem like an extremely fast way to start earning, there’s something you should remember. When you’re looking to learn how to earn money by clicking on ads, you may be overlooking some important factors. Take a look at some of the pros and cons that come along with participating in PTC activities on these sites.


  • It’s easy to earn money by watching ads
  • Doesn’t require selling to get paid
  • There tend to be multiple ways to earn with each site
  • Get paid for activities you already do online
  • You can cashout for either cash, gift cards, etc.


  • Doesn’t pay as high as affiliate programs
  • Can be very time consuming
  • Once you stop clicking – you stop earning
  • Some PTC sites require a high balance to cashout

Ready to Click and Earn Money Without Investment?

Are you really able to click and earn money without investment? The answer, you can definitely earn money by seeing ads online. So if you landed here on this post because you were looking to learn how to earn money clicking ads, I hope you’ve realized there are multiple sites that allow you to accomplish just that. 

Earn Money Clicking Ads Without Investment

Of course, there’s also a way where you can get paid every time someone clicks on your link as well. Feel free to follow this link and learn more.

Learn How to Get Paid for Clicks On Your Links

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  1. Getting paid to click on advertisements is a way in which some people try to make money online. But unfortunately most of these pay to click sites, like online survey sites, pay very little for each activity that is done. The sites that I came across in the past, were paying in the region of about a dollar an hour, which was not worth the time and effort.

    So do you have an indication as to how much each of these sites would pay? Is there a minimum time that one needs to be clicking on ads to be able to get paid? Thank you.

    1. Hey Line 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And yes, they can definitely be time consuming, but if you’re first starting off online, it could help give people a jump-start income wise. As far as the minimum time, it really depends. Some offers may be time consuming, but others are pretty sweet deals. Also, as you may know, those sites don’t necessarily pay out that high, but recently I cashed out for $60 using a couple of the PTC sites. Disclaimer of course, results may not be typical nor guaranteed. But again, they may not be the number one sources of income for most people, but they definitely help if you’re looking for simpler ways to earn online.

      Appreciate you stopping by! Look forward to staying in touch with you.

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