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3 Simple Ways to Create Free Prospecting Lists (STEP-BY-STEP)

Free Prospecting Lists

So you’re looking to create free prospecting lists, right? Not sure which free sales prospecting tools you should use in order to store and organize prospects on your list? When it comes to prospecting for new customers it’s important to have the proper tools and strategies ready to implement and utilize.

But first, what is prospecting?

Once you know what prospecting is, it’s also important to know how to start applying prospecting steps and how it can affect your business and results long-term wise. 

But for now, let’s answer a couple of simple questions. 

First question, what is a prospecting list in marketing?

What is A Prospecting List?

Free Prospecting Lists

Because I’ve already explained what prospecting is, I suggest you check out our other blog posts. Go to the search bar, type in prospecting, hit enter and check out those posts to learn more. As far as a prospecting list, it’s simply a list of potential customers who may likely be a fit for the products or services you’re selling. 

The reason you should have a prospect list is both simple and important. 

I always tell people it’s more than likely people will not buy what you’re selling the moment you introduce it to them. Although it’s not likely, I’m not saying it’s impossible. In order to do so, it takes a ton of knowledge and experience to close people from the jump. So as you’re prospecting for your business, you should add potential customers to your list. 

That way you can use the prospecting technology, depending on what platform you’re using, to follow up with them over time to close the sale. I share many sales prospecting ideas in this prospecting article. 

But there’s one subject I want to quickly cover and that’s inbound vs outbound prospecting.

A lot of people have no idea what the difference is between the two, so let’s go over it together.

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Understanding Inbound vs Outbound Prospecting

What’s the difference between inbound vs outbound prospecting? Outbound prospecting is the process in which you’re actively seeking to find prospects who may be ideal buyers for what you’re selling. Inbound prospecting is when you have potential customers coming to you wanting to learn more about what you’re selling – but that’s not it. 

It actually goes hand in hand with qualifying; where you’re asking questions and seeing who has more of a need for your services and products. If you want to learn more, I suggest getting access to prospecting training. 

Here’s a post you can check out if you want to learn more about facebook prospecting. It’s one of the main social platforms people tend to use for business and happens to be one of the easiest ways to prospect for your business as well. Alright, so what I want to do next is help you understand what a prospect list looks like. 

So I figured it would help most if I provided you with a prospecting list example.

Prospect List Example

Ok, so the best way to provide a prospect list example is to give you a quick glimpse of what it looks like. Here’s an example of what a prospecting list looks like within a platform called Aweber. With this tool, you can add any person who’s interested in what you’re selling to a subscribers list like the example image below.

Free Prospecting Lists: Aweber Subscribers

Now, I must be straightforward with you. A little bit above this section you’re reading right now, I talked about inbound prospecting vs outbound prospecting. If you haven’t read that part yet, take a second and do so now. 

The reason why is because I also talked about how if you don’t have outstanding prospecting and closing skills, there’s a great chance you may not close sales the moment you talk to people. With that being said, I believe the best way to start prospecting for clients is by using inbound prospecting and marketing strategies. It’s a lot easier to stay in touch with potential buyers and build a list. 

That way you can keep in contact with people who are interested, and increase the chances of you dealing with people who are more serious about buying from you. 

Inbound marketing is how I’ve always built my lists and that’s why I highly recommend it. Cool, so now that you know the most effective approach to take when building your prospect list. But answer this – how can you build a list, if you don’t have one?

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3 Ways to Create Free Prospecting Lists

Not sure how to build a list you can use to stay in contact with potential customers? If you do, that’s great. These tips will only help you more. If you don’t know how to build a prospect list, I’ve actually listed out three ways you can create prospecting lists absolutely free. If you’re serious about learning how this works, pay attention and follow step by step below.


One of the best free prospecting tools you can use is Facebook’s feature called friends lists. It’s simple to set up and allows you to create posts only for people on each specific list. You can follow step by step if you want to learn how to set it up.

ATTENTION: The process for Facebook has changed; therefore the steps aren’t the exact same as shown below. To get the updated version, read this article.

1st STEP – Locate the “Friends” tab in the sidebar (Left-hand side)

2nd STEP – Click the “Friends” tab

3rd STEP – Click “Custom Lists”

4th STEP – Scroll to the Bottom and “Create New List”

5th STEP – Create New List Name

Free Prospecting Lists: Create New List

6th STEP – Manage Your List

Free Prospecting Lists: Facebook Custom Lists

Recommended: Join our group and request more assistance if you need help.

Ok, so we now know how to create a prospect list on Facebook. Now it’s all about learning how to improve upon your prospecting skill set and add prospects to your lists. Although creating prospecting lists free on Facebook is effective, I ultimately recommend you the next platform below. It’s by far the best way to create a list for prospects.


Another way you can create a free prospecting list is by using Aweber.com – this is hands down one of my favorite autoresponder and prospecting tools period. The platform allows you to build your subscribers list and qualify them directly in their email inbox. Here’s how to create prospecting lists free with Aweber.

Free Prospecting Lists

1st StepCreate Your Free Aweber Account Here

2nd Step – Once You’re at the Dashboard 

  • Click the List “Dropdown Icon” in Order to Drop Down and Reveal More Options
Free Prospecting Lists: List Options

3rd Step – Choose “Create New List” Option

Free Prospecting Lists: Create New List

4th Step – Set Up Your New List

Free Prospecting Lists: Set Up Your List

4(B) – Use A Domain Specific Email Address for Better Deliverability Rates

  • You can use a free email account like Gmail to get started, but eventually you’re going to want to use an official email address associated with your website’s domain.
  • Follow this training to get your domain specific email account.
  • If you want more in depth training on building a successful brand, I suggest you go ahead and create your account and complete this course.
Free Prospecting Lists: Domain Specific Email

4(C) Enter in Domain Specific Email Address and Request Verification

Free Prospecting Lists: Request Verification

4(D) – Check Your Email Inbox to Verify Your Email Address

Free Prospecting Lists: Verify Email

4(E) – Open Your “Verification Request” Email from Aweber

Free Prospecting Lists: Verification Request

4(F) – Click the “Verify Your Email Address” Button to Confirm

Free Prospecting Lists: Verify Email Address

4(G) – Your Email Should Now Be Verified

Free Prospecting Lists: Email Verified

4(H) – Go to Your Account

Free Prospecting Lists: Go to Your Account

4(i) – Your Domain Specific Email Address Should Now Be An Option

  • Click “NEXT STEP” when you’re finished
Free Prospecting Lists: Site Domain Email

5th Step – Fill in Information to Describe Your List and clickNext Stepwhen done

Free Prospecting Lists: Describe Your List

6th Step – Edit the Confirmation Message + Click “Approve Message & Create List” in Order to Finish Up the Process

Free Prospecting Lists: Confirmation Message

7th Step – Your “New List” Should Be Active

Free Prospecting Lists: Your New List

8th Step – Click on the “Manage Lists” Tab Anytime You Want to Manage Your (Prospect) Subscriber Lists

Free Prospecting Lists: Manage Lists

This is the best prospecting software and one of the best sales prospecting tools you can use if you want to build a list of prospects or subscribers. On top of that, there’s another platform that’ll allow you to create a list for your prospects and potential customers.


The third tool and platform I recommend is Hubspot. They have tons of business prospecting tools they offer, but the one tool you want to utilize with this platform is the CRM. In other words, you want to take advantage of the “Customer Relationship Manager” the company provides.

Free Prospecting Lists

Ready to use this tool and see how the platform works?

Here’s what you need to do in order to get started.

1st Step – Click “Start free or get a demo” in the Top Right Corner to Get Started

Free Prospecting Lists

2nd Step – Click the “Get Started Free” Button

Free Prospecting Lists

3rd Step – Choose to “Sign Up with Google”

Free Prospecting Lists

4th Step – Choose Which Email You Want to Sign Up with for Access

Free Prospecting Lists

5th Step – Complete On-boarding Steps

Free Prospecting Lists

6th Step – Once You Finish the Onboarding Steps – Click “Start Demo

Free Prospecting Lists

7th Step – Make Sure You Pay Attention to the Demo Walkthrough

Free Prospecting Lists

8th Step – Here’s Where You Can Find Your Prospect (Contacts) Lists Anytime

8 (A) – When Finished with the Demo – Click on the “Contacts” Tab

Free Prospecting Lists

8 (B) – Then Select the “Contacts” Option

Free Prospecting Lists

This is what your Prospect List & CRM should look like.

Free Prospecting Lists

Anytime you want to add new contacts – simply click “Create Contact” – it’s really that simple.

Free Prospecting Lists

There you have it. You now know how to add contacts to your prospect list. What I suggest you do now is continue to learn prospecting and find guidance on the subject. Why, you ask? Learning how to create lists is just half the battle. Knowing who to target and finding the best prospects to add to your list, that’s a whole different ball game. 

Finding & Connecting with Targeted Prospects

I’ll be covering how to organize your prospect lists shortly, but none of that matters if you don’t know how to find targeted prospects to add to your list. Once you’re able to find targeted prospects, it’s then on you to connect with them in a way where they feel your products or services are what they need to help them reach their goals. 

Ideally, it’s better to show that what you’re offering is what they need while communicating through sales prospecting lists. Now of course there are other prospecting tactics and tools that can help you achieve the prospecting results you want. 

But it means nothing if you don’t know how to utilize what you learn and or possess in terms of business and marketing. Again, once you start finding and adding people to your list, it’s important to learn how to organize your list as well.

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Organizing Your Prospect Lists

Discovering how to prospect for sales and connect with targeted prospects definitely helps your business. But it’s important to continuously find ideal buyers. In fact, that’s what prospecting is about. However, finding prospects isn’t the only thing that matters. 

Once you understand that prospecting and qualifying helps you find serious buyers, you’ll realize they both should be implemented daily. With all that said, another aspect that’s important is organizing your prospect lists.

Free Prospecting Lists

Without a prospect, your business is bound to stall and maybe even fail. 

But that’s not all. 

Not only should you be adding new prospects to a list, but you should also be adding leads and customers to their own list also – I’ll explain more about this later. The purpose of creating and organizing lists for each one is to move them along the sales process and improve direct communication. Which is key to improving the likelihood of you closing sales.

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Keys to Increasing Your Sales with Prospecting Lists

Whether their prospects, leads or customers, not only should they have their own lists, but you should be learning how to communicate with each list. Another key is to avoid confusing and mixed messages being sent. How you talk to members on each list should not be the same. 

The better you can speak to specific problems, the better you have a chance at effectively closing sales. That is just one of the keys to increasing sales and responsiveness from each member on each list. Now, you’ve learned how to create prospecting lists. You’ve learned the importance of finding and connecting with targeted prospects. 

And you’ve even learned why organizing your list matters in business. 

If you want to best use free prospecting lists for increasing sales, one of the keys is qualifying. I mentioned it earlier, but if you’re not qualifying, you’re missing out on the opportunity of eliminating those who aren’t a fit for what you’re selling. Another key is knowing which sales prospecting resources and sales prospecting strategies to use in order to find targeted prospects.

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I talk about those resources and strategies you can use to build a prospect list within a number of blog posts on this site. I also share a sales prospecting strategy that even beginners can use in order to start finding ideal customers. Just remember, no matter what sales prospecting technique you decide to use to find potential clients, a couple important factors remain. 

You must know how to properly connect and you must follow up with people who say they are interested. If after finding prospects you focus on these two things, you should be on the right track towards growing your business successfully online. 

If you want to continue growing your knowledge and skills, or even more about free prospecting lists, follow this link to learn more.

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