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BEST 100% Free SEO Checker for Articles

Free SEO Checker for Articles

Having a free SEO checker for articles nowadays can be very helpful when it comes to creating search engine friendly content. Prior to using an SEO checker free for bloggers, I struggled to get my content listed in the search engines.

I would spend hour after hour creating content, hoping it would be good enough to rank in Google. 

Once I finally found an SEO checker for website and blog owners, the entire SEO game changed for me.

After applying the SEO marketing advice and tips the SEO checker gave me, I’ve been able to index my posts and rank them high in Google, Yahoo and other search engines as well.

I’m going to break down what SEO does in a minute, but first – let’s just recap what SEO is.

SEO – What Exactly is It?

Free SEO Checker for Articles: Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply explained, it’s optimizing and placing your content into the search engines.

Google explains SEO more in depth and how it works in this article.

Which is why I won’t spend too much time explaining it here in this post. 

I want to focus on the benefits of website SEO. So I’ll be talking about SEO keywords, how to find those keywords as well as how to increase website visibility on Google. 

But ultimately, I want you to understand SEO for online business is a definite plus. 

There are so many things SEO can do for your business.

What Does SEO Do for Your Business?

So what does SEO do for your business? Does it really make a big difference? Put it this way, there’s no better strategy to implement when it comes to attracting quality prospects and potential customers. 

By implementing SEO, you’re putting your content in front of people who are searching for information on search engine sites like Google.

For example, whenever people are searching for more information on different topics, if you can get your posts to show up throughout Google, there’s a great chance people can land on your website. 

Free SEO Checker for Articles: Google Search

So if people want to know about your company, and you can create SEO friendly content around topics people inquire about, you can end up getting tons of visitors to your website. 

As they come to your website, you can then sell them products or services that they’re looking for. Now look, if you’re a beginner blogger, I’m sure you may be wondering how SEO is done. 

Free SEO Checker for Articles: Yoast SEO

If you’re not a beginner and just want to learn the SEO process or even how to use SEO in your digital marketing strategy, I recommend you take the free course I recommend below. 

It’ll show you how to build a website and use SEO to get results in your business.

It’ll show you how to create content for the search engines and how to use an awesome SEO search tool to find topics and keyphrases you can blog about. 

But even when you learn how to create SEO blog posts, I still suggest you use something called an SEO checker.

Best Free SEO Checker for Articles

The best SEO checker I use is called “Yoast”. It’s an awesome SEO tool for helping you create SEO friendly content for your site or blog. 

Yoast provides an SEO checker for articles that’s second to none. 

Free SEO Checker for Articles: Yoast SEO Tab

It includes one of the best SEO tools any blogger could ever use. 

As you’re creating your content, Yoast has a real-time content analysis tool along with a score checker that lets you know if you’re properly optimizing your content for the search engines. More about that in a bit.

It’s truly helpful no matter what level or amount of experience you have when it comes to SEO. 

Although the SEO checker tool is awesome, there are more tools you can use to help increase your effectiveness when implementing SEO.

More Recommended SEO Tools

I’ve learned over time that the best free SEO tools to use are the ones that are streamlined with the goal you want to accomplish.

I mean there are tools that allow you to conduct a free SEO audit – as well as a free SEO checker. But there are some tools I suggest you use to help search engine optimization efforts that you may or may not know of.

Here are some of those tools.

Keyword Research Tool

Free SEO Checker for Articles: Keyword Research Tool

One of the most underrated keys to SEO marketing is understanding keyword research

Here’s the thing, you don’t just want any keyword research tool. 

The most ideal feature your keyword research tool should have is a place to create an SEO topics list. I talk about this in other posts, but there’s a tool that allows you to do just that. 

Enter a keyword below and try it out.

Alright, so you now have a powerful keyword research tool you can use. But it doesn’t stop there. In order to place your content in the search engines, you have to know what keywords or phrases to go after.

How do we do that you ask? 

Two words, “keyword difficulty”.

SEO Keyword Difficulty Tool

So you’ve found a keyword research tool. 

And you’re able to find topics to create content about for your blog or site. 

The next step is to understand which keyword(s) are more beneficial to blog about. 

In the keyword tool I just shared above, there’s a feature that shows you which keywords are most and least competitive. 

Free SEO Checker for Articles: Keyword Competition Analysis

But the truth is, without this step, it may not even make sense to use an SEO content analysis tool.

Having an SEO checker online is impactful, but what good is it if you don’t have content to blog about? 

This is where the keyword research tool comes in handy. 

It all starts with the keyword.

Visit Jaaxy.com for more details.

As a result of you having your keyword tool, the next tool I recommend you have is a SiteContent platform. There are many SEO advertising tips I can share with you, but if you’re a beginner…

This Site Content platform was built for you.

Site Content Platform

When using your Site Content platform, you’re allowing your content to propel with tons of assistance. The platform is filled with templates to help you create pages, posts and even create content creation goals. 

Free SEO Checker for Articles: Site Content

Want to know when your posts have finally landed within the search engines? 

There’s a tool that sends you an email whenever your content has reached Google.

Free SEO Checker for Articles: Content Indexed in Google

Now if you decide to use the Site Content platform, please keep in mind that the SEO analysis tool is not included within the Site Content tool. 

However, with this free SEO writing platform, it allows you to login to your WordPress dashboard and utilize the tool (Yoast) there.

If you still don’t understand and are still curious, I’ll leave a link at the bottom of this page that’ll show you how to do your own search engine optimization for your website or blog.

And finally, we have the SEO checker tool.

SEO Score Checker

Using the SEO score checker is not only fun, but it helps you become more efficient when creating your content. When you’re creating your blog posts, as I stated above, it’s reacting to your content in real-time.

With this free SEO checker, whenever you’re creating content that’s not of great quality, it’s going to turn the color red. If you are creating quality content that’s SEO friendly and readable for your audience, your SEO score meter will turn green. 

Free SEO Checker for Articles: Readability Analysis

So therefore, red means your content likely won’t rank or be understood if it did. The green light symbolizes that the SEO checker tool free for bloggers finds your content is readable and optimized properly for the search engines. 

Now just because you’ve got one post to score in the green, doesn’t mean your job is done.

When it comes to improving in the field of SEO, I highly recommend you must continue to learn and improve upon your SEO skills.

How to Improve Your SEO Skills

No matter what free SEO checker for articles you decide to use, ultimately one thing matters most. It’s all about learning and taking action.

The best way to improve your skills is to continue learning and apply what you learn. 

Once you truly get a grasp of SEO and how it works, it’ll become easier for you to get results by utilizing search engines like Google, Bing etc. 

Looking to start mastering SEO to get more traffic and sales?

Free SEO Checker for Articles: Free Training Lessons

Check out these 10 free SEO lessons.

Is SEO Truly Beneficial?

So who does SEO end up benefiting most at the end of the day? Ready for this one? Both end up benefiting from the search engines.

Free SEO Checker for Articles

If you’re the inquirer, you end up finding the information that you’re looking for online. 

That’s what having a free SEO checker for articles can do for your content. Deliver and provide value both to your audience and the search engine. 

If you’re the content creator, you end up providing information the inquirer is looking for – which in result, ends up driving more traffic to your website.

Ultimately, the more traffic you drive to your website, the more likely people are to purchase what you’re selling. 

When it comes to SEO for beginners, what matters most is getting the basic SEO principles down and ready to implement.

If you’re looking for an in depth SEO guide to help you step by step follow the link below to learn more.

Want to Learn More About SEO?
Check Out this Course – it’s 100% Free!

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  1. I use Jaaxy keyword research tool and another SEO tool other than yoast. I have seen many reviews touting yoast as the best but mine works fine but I have never used it. I am ever learning and open to new ideas. Very good blog on Using SEO and keywords to rank high in Google. 

    1. Yea, definitely love yoast. But it really comes down to preference. Whatever works for you, stick with it. I just share this tool because it works for me consistently and I have training’s on it as well. Thank you for the comment Shevonne! Your feedback is appreciated.

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