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Goodwill Outlet Finds | My First Bins Haul

goodwill outlet finds

In this post I’m going to talk about my first Goodwill Outlet finds. To say the least it is not what I expected.

My First Visit To The Bins

When I walked into Goodwill Outlet World for the first time I could not believe how much stuff was there.  From watching others’ YouTube videos I had an idea.  But seeing it first hand still made me say OMG! 

goodwill outlet finds

I knew I wanted to focus on clothing for the first time. So I spent the majority of my time sifting through the clothing bins.

goodwill outlet finds

But I did wander over to the shoe bin area and found some cute shoes. 

For my first bin haul  I did find some great items, I share in the video below every item I got and for how much. 

I Didn’t Know What I Was Doing

Let me keep it real, I had no idea what I was doing.  I don’t know brands like that.  And I have no idea what will and won’t sell.

Since it was my first time at Goodwill Outlet World I did some research beforehand.  I especially looked at brands and had a list of brands I wanted to look at.  

But I realized there are so many brands that I didn’t find but one on my list. This made me chuckle. Because I realized I was overthinking it. 

I didn’t know brands my first time, and since we are keeping it real. I still don’t know brands like that, but from watching other thrifters videos I’ve learned more about brands and ones I wasn’t aware of. 

It took me so long the first time because I was looking up comps and brands constantly.  Having one bag didn’t help either, I could only carry so much.  

Goodwill Outlet World Haul

I got some really great items at the bins.  Some were new and seemed like they had been only worn a few times.  I did find one vintage item which was very exciting.  Other than that I found some dress pants, blazers, sweaters, shoes, a dress and purse.  

And some of my Goodwill Outlet finds have already sold.  

goodwill outlet haul
goodwill finds
goodwill bins finds

You can see all of my Goodwill Outlet finds in this video.

What I Spent At The Bins

I couldn’t believe how affordable it was to source items.  I was going to Goodwill Stores and Thrift stores spending quite a bit of money on just a few items. 

This was my biggest haul because it was only $1.49  per pound.

In total I got 21 items.  I spent $30.55 + tax $2.46.


All in all I had a really great time my first time and found some great items.  I definitely took note of what I could do differently next time so I wouldn’t waste so much time.  Like bringing more bags.  

If you are a reseller then the bins are definitely a place for you to check out since you can get items for an excellent price.  

When you go to your first Goodwill Bins trip I’d love to hear about it and what you find.  You can share it on Instagram and tag me @lifestylewithchristina.

If you want to learn more about reselling check out the work from home tab.

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