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Goodwill Outlet World | Tips and What To Expect At The Bins Your First Time

goodwill outlet world

In this post I’m going to recap my first time at Goodwill Outlet World, aka The Bins or Goodwill Bins. 

My First Time At Goodwill Outlet World 

So I started reselling about a month ago and I’m working towards it being my full time income.  I previously dabbled with reselling a few years prior.  I had so much fun doing it, but I just was more focused on my Coaching For Small Businesses, Business.  

This time I was way more prepared and aware about how I wanted to grow my reselling business. I wanted to purchase inventory for cheap and sell it for an average price. 

I’m aware there are different reselling business strategies but starting out I knew I didn’t want to invest a ton of money into a few products. I wanted to have more inventory and a fast flips.  This is why I knew the bins were the place for me even though I had never actually gone. 

goodwill outlet world

Lets Rewind For A Second

Previously I got inventory from my own closet and went to Goodwills and other thrift stores.   But when I went to these thrift stores I was spending anywhere from $4- $20 on an item.  Sure this is affordable. But for the money I had to put into this wasn’t right at the time.  Like I said, Poshmark was just a side hustle.  

So when I decided to go all in I found a few Goodwill Outlet Worlds, the Bins around me.  Thankfully I do have a few locations, they are about 30-45 minutes away but that is okay with me.  

My Thoughts About Goodwill Outlet World Bins

So MY FIRST TIME AT GOODWILL OUTLET WORLD I was nervous, didn’t quite know what to expect.  I did my research beforehand. I wanted to kind of know what to expect. Like what to bring, so I was pretty prepared the first time.  You can watch my YouTube video about my first Bins trip. Where I talk about Goodwill Bins Tips and give a glimpse into what to expect if you go.  

It was a little overwhelmed walking in. I knew what to expect just because I watched other YouTube videos about their Bins Halls. So I knew what to expect going to the Goodwill Outlet World the first time. But walking in I still was amazed at how much stuff was there.  

goodwill outlet world the bins

I Was Shocked

I spent about 3 hours at the bins my first time. Seeing how much stuff was rotated in and out while there, it’s just amazed at how much would go to the landfill and that wasn’t being bought.  

It was also slightly disturbed at how much really gets thrown out.  I never really was aware of it until I started going to the bins. This is actually what makes me excited about reselling.  

I would have to say flat out I love the bins! It was such an amazing time. I’ve been a few times since this post and am excited every time. Why? Because I have no idea what I will find.  

If you like treasure hunts then this is definitely for you.  I love digging around finding things I would never think would be there.  Some of the quality of the clothes is like they have never been worn, it amazes me just while I’m typing this.  

So now you know about just how amazingly fun the bins are, let’s give you some tips for when you go.

Tips and What To Expect At The Goodwill Bins

These Goodwill Outlet shopping tips can help you for your first trip.  

  1. Bags, one of the most important things is to bring enough bags or baskets to hold your finds.  The first time I went to the bins, I only brought one large tote bag and that was not enough. 
goodwill outlet world tips
  1. Wear comfortable shoes. There is lots going on and it’s not the cleanest place, so wearing closed toed tennis shoes or close toed shoes that are comfortable are key.  Not just because you’re standing for a long period of time but if someone steps on your feet or something falls you don’t want to hurt your feet. 
  1. Bring gloves.  Digging through the bins can be dirty so I do like to use gloves sometimes when I go to the bins.  Going through the clothes is not bad so I didn’t wear gloves my first time.  But going through the bin where they throw glass, plastic, bags, shoes and other things, wearing gloves is a good idea.  I brought some latex gloves, but I plan on going to get some thicker gloves so I don’t cut my hand on glass.  I was very careful going through the bins since I didn’t have thick gloves but I did come across broken glass a few times.  
  1. Bring a mask.  It can be dirty in there with all the things getting churned up and moved. So wearing a mask is just nice If you want to cover your nose and mouth from things being thrown around. 
  1. Wear a fanny pack or a bag that you don’t have to worry about.  I personally love a fanny pack. It’s so easy to store my things in. But also so I don’t have to worry about my purse while digging through the bins.


All in all if you are a reseller and want an affordable way to source items then the bins are the place for you.  Even if you are looking for clothes for yourself I think it is a great place. I’ve found some cute pieces for myself.  But you do have to keep in mind that it is a treasure hunt. You will never know what you are going to find.  

When you go to your first Goodwill Bins trip I’d love to hear about it and what you find.  You can share it on Instagram and tag me @lifestylewithchristina.

If you want to learn more about reselling check out the work from home tab.

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