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How to Create A Squeeze Page in WordPress Free

How to Create A Squeeze Page in WordPress Free

So you need help learning how to create a squeeze page in wordpress free. Awesome, we’re on the same page. I’m also sure there’s a great chance that you’re looking for some squeeze page examples that will give you inspiration on how to set your own up as well, right? 

Maybe you’re not even sure which free wordpress squeeze page plugin you should use in order to start creating your squeeze pages. Well, that’s exactly why I created this post. My goal is to help you learn how to make a squeeze page on wordpress so you can start generating leads as soon as possible. 

Let’s get ready to learn how to build a squeeze page. 

How to Create A Squeeze Page in WordPress Free

What Is A Squeeze Page?

Before you discuss anything, what is a squeeze page exactly? Unbounce says a squeeze page is a page used to collect email addresses. In other words, a squeeze page is used to generate leads for your business. 

Over time I’ll also be sharing how to create a squeeze page that converts. Because the truth is, just because you have a squeeze page, doesn’t mean it’s going to actually work. A lot of marketers really don’t understand this, but it’s absolutely true. 

So just because you install and activate a squeeze page wordpress plugin doesn’t mean it’s going to be a coversioni machine. Most of the time building squeeze pages for free doesn’t matter if they’re not designed and tailored to your target market. But more on that later. At this moment, I feel it’s important to distinguish the difference between a squeeze page and a landing page.

Squeeze Page vs Landing Page – What’s The Difference?

Truth is, there’s no difference really between a squeeze page vs landing page. The only real difference is that capture pages are usually built to inform the visitor a bit more about what they’re opting into. A landing page tends to be more to the point and designed to specifically focus on collecting the email. 

But that’s not the only thing you should take note of. Which one you should use, depends on which type of traffic you’re driving to your landing or squeeze page. That is a topic of discussion for another time. 

What’s most important is that you have a website that allows you to install squeeze or landing pages. If you don’t have a site yet, you can use the free site builder below. It’s built for business owners and is squeeze page friendly.

Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin

The best wordpress squeeze page or landing page plugin to use for wordpress is called “Landing Page Cat”. If you were looking for free squeeze page templates wordpress users can use for inspiration while creating their own squeeze pages, look no further. The templates included with the plugin in my opinion makes it one of the best squeeze page builder plugins period. 

As a squeeze page software, the simplicity of setting up such a powerful plugin is ridiculous compared to how professional the plugin and it’s features look. Hands down, this is one the best squeeze page plugins and recommended tools for anyone with a website. This is the free squeeze page plugin for wordpress users I recommend. 

Let’s take a second and check out the templates that come with the plugin.

Free Squeeze Page Templates

One of the main reasons I chose this plugin was because of the free squeeze page templates that come along with it. What some squeeze page examples don’t include, is the simple framework that’s needed to fulfill its purpose. If you’re not sure what I mean, let me explain.

As you’re looking to learn how to create a squeeze page in wordpress, what you may not be thinking about is the marketing psychology needed in order to convert visitors into leads. All free squeeze page templates for wordpress don’t necessarily have the ad copy it takes to boost your traffic to lead conversion rate. So keep that in mind and let’s learn how to install landing pages in wordpress.

How to Create A Squeeze Page

Ok, so in order to learn how to create a squeeze page, you don’t need a special free wordpress squeeze page theme. You just need to follow directions step by step. These are the steps I recommend you complete in order to start building your squeeze pages. 

If you complete them, they can potentially help you turn more leads into customers. Plus you’re going to learn how to make a full screen landing page. WordPress users like yourself will love it because it helps eliminate the distraction factor most visitors typically face when they land on a landing or squeeze page.

1ST STEP – Access Your WordPress Dashboard

Get access to the main page of your WordPress dashboard area

Don’t yet have your own WordPress website? Fill in your preferred site information below and create your free account today! That way we can help you follow along with these steps and make sure you set up your squeeze pages properly.

[Insert SITERUBIX Website Embed Code]

Once you’ve successfully created your website – if you’re taken to the member dashboard, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the “Websites” tab at the top of the page
  • Select “SiteManager”
  • Find your site and click “Log In”
  • Next simply click “Log In Now” and you’ll be taken to your WordPress dashboard

2ND STEP – Click The Plugins Tab

3RD STEP – Select “Add New” Plugins

4TH STEP – Type in “Landing Page” in the Search Bar

5TH STEP – Install & Activate the “Landing Page Cat” Plugin

6TH STEP – Locate the “Landing Page Cat” Plugin in the Sidebar

7TH STEP – Hover Over the Plugin & Click “Settings”

8TH STEP – Enable the “EU GDPR Checkbox”

9TH STEP – Enter in the “Consent Message” + Click Save

10TH STEP – Click “Add New” (Landing Page)

  1. Add Title
  1. For Landing Page Behavior
  • Choose “Publish on a specific URL”
  • Click “SAVE” when you’re done
  1. Click the “Layout & Content” Tab
  • Choose background “color” or “image”
  • Create your Landing Page headline
  • Fill in the “Copy” area under the Description section
  • Customize the “Call-to-Action” section
  • Fill in the “After The Button” field – You can use this text as an example:

    We respect your email privacy. Your information will not be sold or shared.
  • Click “SAVE” when done

11TH STEP – Click the “Configuration” Tab Above

* Without completing this step, you won’t be able to collect and store the emails of your potential customers. Check out the free course below to learn more.

[Enter in Aweber Free Training Course Embed]

  • NEXT – Choose “Aweber” as the provider under the Email Provider Settings
  • Click “Get my Aweber Auth Code”
  • Copy + Paste your auth code into the “Auth Code” section
  • Customize “Email Optin Settings”
  • Click “SAVE” when you’re done

And that’s it, you’ve successfully set up your squeeze page. Now that you know how to create them, you can focus on the next important thing. Learning how to build a high converting squeeze page. 

This plugin is built to help you create some of the most simple and best squeeze pages for generating leads. So you’re now ready to start collecting and storing emails with your brand new squeeze page and let your autoresponder send automated emails to your prospects, on your behalf.

Squeeze Page Best Practices

Now that you have a way of collecting emails, it’s wise to understand some squeeze page best practices. Setting up your free squeeze page builder software is only the beginning. If you’re going to use the quality free squeeze page plugin I shared with you above, it’s important to learn how to earn sales using squeeze pages. 

Whether it’s creating the headline or ad copy throughout the page, being precise and clear with communication are just some of the best practices when it comes to learning how to create a squeeze page in wordpress free and have it produce results.

Bonus Landing (Squeeze) Page Software + Tips

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