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How to Create Graphics for Social Media Content

How to Create Graphics for Social Media

Curious how to create graphics for social media that your audience will eagerly engage with? Finding the right type of graphics to post on social media was often a struggle for me. Every time I wanted to post content, I began to question myself. Is this worthy to post? Does this look professional enough for people to take seriously? These are just a couple of questions I would ask myself before posting. 

How to Create Graphics for Social Media

So if you’re asking yourself those same questions, here’s what I suggest you do. Follow the steps in this post and take advantage of the graphic templates below. Cool? Let’s go ahead and get started.

How to Create a Social Media Graphic

If you’re serious about learning how to create a social media graphic, this tool will become very beneficial to you and your business. Instead of creating everything on your own, why not use templates that are professionally designed and ready to share? Use the platform in the first step and enjoy how simple it is for you to start creating worthwhile graphics for your social media accounts.

1st STEP – Log Into Canva.com

Not yet a member? I recommend you simply sign in using Google.

2nd STEP – Browse Through the Templates

See which templates fit the design your trying to create

3rd STEP – Choose the Type of Graphic You Want to Create

Decide on the type of graphic you want to start editing

4th STEP – Select the Template You Want to Use

Choose which template looks best for the type of content you want to create and share

5th STEP – Edit & Download Your New Design

Finish creating, download your graphic in the file type of your choice

Here’s How to Create Graphics for Social Media Using Templates

Just like that, it’s that simple to learn how to create graphics for social media. Enjoy their done for you templates. All you have to do is choose a template, edit the design, download the graphic and share it to your preferred social media platform. You no longer have to be so uncertain about the professionalism of your social content. When you use Canva, that problem no longer exists. Create your free account and start creating awesome graphics today!

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