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How to Get Paid Posting Ads on Facebook (STEP-BY-STEP)

How to Get Paid Posting Ads on Facebook

You’re ready to learn how to get paid posting ads on facebook. Is that correct? Well in order to do so, you should definitely read this before you proceed. Some people think you should just get started posting ads everywhere. In result, your mass posting efforts are more than likely to fall short. That is definitely not the case. 

how to get paid posting ads on facebook

First things first, let’s help you understand what you’re doing so you can properly benefit from your social marketing efforts. It will help you get the most out of your advertising.

Get Paid to Post Ads for Companies Online

Yes, it’s true, you can get paid to post ads for companies online. But what’s most important is finding and joining a company that you want to promote. Don’t yet have a company you want to promote yet? Here’s a company you can get started with. It’s an awesome platform and every free member has the ability to earn from their advertisements as well. But anyway, once you’ve found the company you want to promote, follow the steps I’m getting ready to share with you below.

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How to Make Money Posting on Facebook

Alright, so we know you want to learn how to make money posting on Facebook. Ok, got it. My next question is, what’s the process you plan on using in order to make sure your posts and ads are most effective. Just because you post, doesn’t mean someones going to buy from you. If you want to increase the chances of you gaining sign ups or customers, follow the steps below.

Establish Your Ad

Before you start posting away in a ton of groups, it’s important your ad is prepared first. 

  1. Create the headline
  2. Choose the image
  3. Insert your link
  4. Write the headline and link down for future reference.
    – You can use Zenpen.io to create a note for your prepared ad
    – ZenPen even allows you to put (copy+paste) your advertisement image inside the note

Find Targeted Groups

Next step, you’re going to want to find targeted groups. This is by far one of the most important steps. Just remember, without an audience, there’s no reason to post. Take this step serious.

  1. Use the graph search to find groups similar to what you’re selling
  2. Request to join the groups

Here’s How to Post Ads on Facebook

So you followed the steps above. Now how to post ads is actually very simple.

  1. Go to your ZenPen.io notepad
  2. Copy + Paste your “HEADLINE” & “LINK” (If there’s an image attachment to the link)

  3. Upload your photo first
  4. Then Copy + Paste the “HEADLINE” & “LINK” from ZenPen into the photos description
  5. Once you’re done, publish your post(s).

Get Paid Posting Ads: Pros & Cons

Now, before you get paid posting ads, I want you to understand something. Just because you’re going to be posting in a ton of groups, doesn’t mean it will work all of the time. Understand some of the pros and cons to this technique or strategy.

how to get paid posting ads on facebook


  • Your ads will get seen by tons of people
  • Increases the chance someone becomes interested
  • Group members can click for more information If they become intrigued
  • You don’t have to personally sell to anyone
  • People on your friends list can see the ads. Helps network outreach.
  • It’s very simple to do


  • Not everyone will engage with your post
  • Not every group will allow you to post your ads
  • You must read the rules of each group you plan to post into
  • Some people can see you posting your ads as “spamming”

Although you’ve learned the important stuff, there’s one more thing. If there’s anything I want to recommend to you, it’s tracking the (URL’s) links you post in groups. I mean, just think about it. How else will you know if people are even clicking on them?

Use Snips.co and track your links to get the best results.

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Need Help? Get Support Here!

Since you’ve now learned how simple it can be, do you think you have what it takes to put it all into action? Want to keep learning how to get paid posting ads on facebook? You can get more assistance when you request to join our group. Once you’re inside feel free to ask questions.

We’ll do our best to provide the solution(s) to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Social media gets loads of traffic every minute. I believe it is a great place to post ads and get paid. We spend so much time there as a form of entertainment, why not get paid to post ads. Thanks for sharing

    1. You’re absolutely right. Social media does get loads of traffic and is a great place to post ads. It’s so true, we do spend tons of time there. Why not get paid in the process? 🙂

      Love the thinking! Spoken like a true winner.

      You’re welcome and thanks for your feedback Diana!

  2. Hi Rod. Thank you for very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing and Im still surprises how many ways are available to earn money. To be fair I have not heard before about  making money be posting ads, but looking on your review its seems relatively simple and quick process. Looking forward to test your advices and recommendations in practice.

    1. You’re welcome! And yes, simple indeed. Try it out and check back in letting me know how it works for you. Wishing you the best!

  3. Thanks for this great article. I agree with you that it is very important that you takeyour time to do it right hen you are considering running facebook ads. Otherwise you could end up spending a fortune and getting very little back. I might actually bookmark this page for future reference.

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