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How to Increase Organic Traffic On A Website

How to Increase Organic Traffic On A Website

It’s common to want to learn how to increase organic traffic on a website. Especially if you understand how powerful it truly is for you to have a website for your business. Now yes, there are free ways to drive traffic to your website, but understand something.

Just because there’s a free strategy out there, doesn’t mean it’s best for your website or business. If you haven’t yet built your own website, I recommend you check out this page now. It will help you utilize these tips I’m getting ready to share with you. Alright, let’s get started.

Where to Post Links to Get Traffic

How to Increase Organic Traffic On A Website

Ok, so you’re wondering and looking for where to post links to get traffic for your website. Well, common sense would lead us to believe that we should post on the most popular sites. And trust me, I get it.

I’ve been there before and understand the common logic.

But believe me, there’s more to it than just that. If you’re looking to learn how to increase organic traffic to a website, where you post matters. Here are a couple of platforms that are suited for you ro promote your business on.


Posting your links on Facebook is quite beneficial. The site was built for you to network and has business-friendly features and capabilities within the site. I talk about why Facebook may be more beneficial here in this post. Because not every social site is ideal for every business.

Search Engines

Creating blog posts and content for the search engines is one of the best places to post your links for traffic. Not only are they the main places people go when they look for solutions, but the number one website in the world is a search engine. So when people want more information on a business, where do you think they’re going to get more information?

Top 2 Strategies to Increase Website Traffic

There are endless strategies to increase website traffic online. But, in my opinion, here are the main two strategies that work and produce the most results for myself and others.

Post in Facebook Groups

Increase Organic Traffic

By posting in Facebook groups, you give yourself access to hundreds and thousands of eye balls. Also, by posting in front of big groups of people, you have the potential of gaining interest from your audience. The thing is, just because you post your links and people see them, doesn’t mean they’ll automatically click and buy. It takes a certain approach in order to get people interested enough to potentially purchase from you. And that approach is a lot easier if you utilize the next strategy below.

Gain Traffic with SEO (Primarily Google)

Being able to gain traffic with SEO literally is a game changer. Once I realized how powerful SEO is, I haven’t stopped using it since. The reason you ask? Well I understand people are naturally curious and tend to want more information on things before they buy. Now if you’re paying close attention to what I’m saying, you’ll realize the key to making more sales.


Traffic On Website

You see, when people want more information, it pays to provide it to them. So by creating SEO based content and getting them placed in the search engines, you become a source for more information.



So if you’re still curious how to increase website traffic through Google, I recommend you learn how to create blog posts and or create YouTube videos. It then comes down to learning the proper seo techniques to increase organic traffic.

What is The Best Way to Increase Website Traffic?

So there’s a great chance you’re still wondering, what is the best way to increase website traffic? That honestly comes down to you. Different strategies work best for different people. What may work best for me, may not work best for you. So it all comes down to you trying them out on your own and seeing which works best for you.

How to Increase Organic Traffic On A Website

But if I had to pick one, it would be SEO. Sure social media is simple to use. You don’t have to learn a bunch to get started and everyone uses it, right?

I’m giving you a heads up now, don’t assume it’s the best to use. A lot of marketers and business owners make this mistake.

I get it, it’s free to use to promote your business. But, where are most of the buyers? Don’t just drive traffic, focus on driving quality traffic.

Start Driving Quality Traffic Today!

So by now you understand there are multiple ways to increase website traffic organically. Now, here’s my next question. Are you ready to not just drive traffic, but drive targeted and quality traffic? If so, here’s what I suggest you do. Before you do anything else, check out this free course that will teach you how to increase organic traffic on a website. It will walk you through step by step how to increase website visitors and how to earn revenue as well.


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  1. I have been struggling to get more traffic on my website. 

    So decided to do more thorough research and stumbled upon your article. 

    Actually, I have been using Facebook only for   “fun” stuff since I do not want to bother my friends with my website. 
    I guess they have no interest in it at all. 

    That is actually a great idea to post article within different FB groups.
    But is there a way how to create a special my own Facebook Group for that purpose? 
    I mean, sure there is, but do you recommend it? 

    Obviously, YouTube is a great source of traffic, but one needs to have a youtube channel related to the niche. 
    I guess I am gonna go in that direction as well. 

    Well, thanks a lot for these recommendations.
    Appreciate it.

    1. Hey what’s up Michal! And yes, you can create your own group. Just make sure you spend time finding people to add to the group who may likely be interested in what you’re selling. Otherwise you’ll be posting in a group, with just you in it. Which is not very beneficial for your business since there’s no one in the group to see what you’re posting lol

      Hope that makes sense. As far as YouTube, definitely a great source for traffic and targeted as well. If you can provide solutions to what people are searching for, you’re in the ball game.

      Appreciates your thoughts and feedback! 

      Wishing you much success.

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