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How to Make Graphics for Social Media

How to Make Graphics for Social Media

People want to learn how to make graphics for social media. Is that you as well? If it is, you’re here in the right place.

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or any other social platform, I have one recommendation that will get the job done.

Now let’s be honest, social media may not be the best platform to promote your business on. There are endless distractions and people don’t buy as much from social media as they do from the search engines. But that doesn’t mean that the importance of social media should be diminished.

Depending on what products or services you’re promoting, social media may be essential to earning commissions in your online business. Yes, most social platforms were created for connecting socially and building your network, but that’s not all.

As social media has continued to grow overtime, you’ve started to notice it’s opening up to paid ads for it’s members haven’t you?

So imagine learning how to how to make graphics for social media and using paid ads to promote them to your audience. We may cover that topic in another post. For now, let’s focus on the graphics aspect of things.

For now, if you want to start creating awesome graphics for your social posts, I recommend this creation tool. No matter the social platform, it has designs pre-built and ready to use to help make your content more appealing to your audience.

Click Here to Start Creating Social Media Graphics Now!

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  1. I followed the link and landed at a program that’s called Canva. I checked it out am I am honestly surprised that all this is given away for free. The program is really cool. And there are wonderful templates that do most of the work for us. I know that each template must have had many hours put into it. And we can now start of from there and personalize our own designs. It’s really cool!

    1. I agree Ann! It’s really cool and they give a ton away for free. Hope you like it. Keep me up to date with your experiences with the platform and if you need help, don’t be afraid to reach out 🙂

  2. I just loved reading the title because that is one my challenges as an online entrepreneur. Unfortunately we cannot do without them.  I know that success in my online business is partially dependent on how one use social media and graphics is the major part of it. I have heard of canva before, will surely dive into it

  3. Hi there Rod,

    Thanks for putting such a site together. I’m lucky to have come across it as I have been wondering how to promote on social media but have not figured out how. While there are a lot of people who do promote on social, I don’t know what the success rate is. Is this something that you would recommend or are using yourself to promote your business?

    Keep me posted.

    L, Sammy 

    1. Thanks for sharing your feedback Sammy! And I’m going to be honest with you, the success rate depends on the strategies and principles you choose to implement into your marketing efforts. Also, closing is very important. Once you master that skill-set, the sky is the limit.

      Just remember, promote how you can help others once they join your company. Not about just joining your company. Hope this helps!

      Stay connected. I plan on diving more into this subject over time.

  4. Yes, that is very true. You are more liklier to get a higher conversion rate from search engine generated traffic. However, this can also take time to get ranked in Google, Bing , Yahoo,  etc. So social media can work well at getting your website published quicker to your own target audience.

    1. Yes, that’s true. Social media is faster in regards to reaching your target market, but not necessarily as efficient. People who are searching for solutions through the search engines tend to be more qualified than an ideal prospect on social media. 

      And honestly, how long it takes really depends. Not everyone has to wait a long time for their posts to rank. Remember, social media was built for connecting. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing were built to provide information for those seeking answers. 

      If you can create content one time, rather than posting on social media day after day, which one is better in terms of “leverage” ? Hope that makes sense. It’ll definitely help in the long run!

  5. Hi there again, Rod!
    I’m really happy I came across your website! You are very straightforward and very helpful. You really know what you’re talking about! I have to start trusting social media a lot more I guess. If you can’t beat them, join them…
    The idea of the graphic building looks great and as you put things fairly easy too.
    Thanks a lot for sharing and stay safe!

    1. You’re welcome! I’m really happy you found the site. Straightforward and very helpful are some of the biggest and meaningful compliments you could give to my content. I truly appreciate that. Thank you for stopping by and sharing! Excited to see your results and graphics. Reach out whenever you need assistance.

  6. I just followed the link and signed up. I’m super excited and looking forward to how my YouTube looks once I upload my banner and thumbnails. I was using Photoshop before, but I’m only using Canva from now on

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