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Importance of Knowing The Prospect Before Selling

Importance of Knowing The Prospect

The importance of knowing the prospect before you sell to them is a make or break factor when it comes to selling. I mean, as marketers and business owners, we all want to make more sales, right? Ok, so we can agree on that.

Importance of Knowing The Prospect

Now, the next question I’m going to ask you matters a lot. Would you like to make the process of earning sales difficult or simple? If you answered “simple”, you’re going to want to pay attention and read the recommended posts I share with you regarding prospecting.

Simply understanding this information can save you a lot of time and frustration while selling your products or services.

Why Is It Important to Qualify Prospects?

Now I covered this same question in a previous post I created called, “What is Prospecting in Sales?” I also talked about why it’s important to qualify prospects in another post I shared called, “Why Is Prospecting Difficult for Some Salespeople?” You can read that post here.

If I can help explain the importance as an example, I would equate it to a treasure hunt. The goal of course is to find the treasure, right? Ok, so we know the goal. Now, we need to figure out how we’re going to achieve that goal.

Well, that’s what leads to the most important part. In order to find the treasure, the one thing that’ll help us find the treasure is a map. Once we have the map, it will lead us to the treasure and keep us from wandering around aimlessly and running the chance of being lost.

As a result of finding the map, you can follow the instructions and reap the rewards of your new found treasure.

So you may be wondering, why are you talking about maps and treasures. What does it have to do with prospecting, sales and how will it benefit me?

Benefits of Prospecting

While I don’t plan on covering every single benefit here in this post. I will expand on the treasure hunt analogy I shared above. Alright, so you may be asking yourself, what is the importance of knowing the prospect and why do you equate it to treasure.

It’s pretty simple to understand actually. 

So as you’ve been on your journey on discovering how to close sales in your business, you may be overlooking something. You’ve talked to a number of people who you may have thought were going to buy and become customers. So what happened? Why didn’t they end up buying?

Long story short, you don’t have your map, so you can’t get to the treasure. You see, what if people aren’t buying from you because they’re not qualified to be an ideal customer. What most people don’t understand about prospecting is, it is your map.

Importance of Knowing The Prospect

Remember, you can’t get to the treasure without the map, right?

As you’re prospecting, what you’re doing is you’re actually putting together a map you can use, that’ll lead you to the sale (treasure) you’re looking for. That make sense? You’re gathering information you can use that can lead you to the treasure. 

Using the information you’ve gathered from prospecting and communicating with your ideal customer, you can actually follow the instructions your prospect has given you to sell them solutions that help solve their problems.

But it’s important you understand something, because it is absolutely key. You haven’t found treasure unless you and your prospect turned customer both have their problems solved.

Why Do Prospects Buy?

Again, understand that you have not found the treasure until you and your prospect feel like you’ve both won. Yup, I said it. Please understand what I’m sharing with you right now. Prospects only buy, when they see there’s a problem of theirs being solved.

Importance of Knowing The Prospect

They won’t just buy because you’re selling something. They won’t just buy because a lot of other people are buying either. People will only buy once they can see and believe that what you’re selling them can actually change their life, business, results or situation for the better.


The importance of knowing the prospect before you sell can make the difference between selling successfully and unsuccessfully. Not everyone will understand the analogy I used above referring to the treasure hunt. But as long as you understand the power of prospecting and how it can help you gather information on your prospects, that’s what matters most. 
If you’re looking for more information on prospecting, you’ll find it in the “What is Prospecting in Sales” post I shared above.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with this article. As a copywriter, the first task is to know your target: their age, their habits, their beliefs… because with these information you’ll be able to find the right words and the right emotions to convey. They also allow you to get more effective sales and ultimately more income! I commend you on writing such an article. Thanks!

    1. Completely agree! Sounds like you know what you’re talking about. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your feedback. It’s very much appreciated.

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