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Prospecting Ideas in Network Marketing You Should Try Today!

Prospecting Ideas in Network Marketing

Searching for prospecting ideas in network marketing? Need some prospecting ideas for sales in your business? Heck, you may even be wondering, what is prospecting? As you pay attention to this post, I’ll be sharing with you how to do sales prospecting and how you can improve upon your sales prospecting skills in order to overcome the common sales obstacles most face. 

Prospecting Ideas in Network Marketing

But you know what I like to do, right? 

Let’s cover what prospecting actually is in business.

What Exactly is Prospecting?

Prospecting is one of the most important steps of a sales process.

It’s simply searching for potential customers who are a likely fit for what you’re selling. It’s likely that those who don’t apply prospecting for their business, they’re likely struggling with sales.

What is prospecting you ask?

Long story short, prospecting plays as the road map to help you get to your desired destination. Most people mess up by attempting to sell to the masses and hope for sales as a result. But you see, when you’re prospecting in sales, hope is not a main ingredient for your success.

As you start your journey of new business prospecting, you have a very specific mission. Your mission is prospecting for leads, who may likely become a customer of yours.

Is Prospecting Really That Important?

When it comes to prospecting tactics and different sales prospecting methods, they all have one goal. That one goal is the reason why having prospecting skills is so important. You see, prospecting in marketing is simply you searching for potential customers while using those same tactics and methods we just talked about.

If you’re not prospecting, there’s a great chance you’re likely guessing who you think would be a great fit for your business. Or worse, you’re not prospecting nor talking to anyone at all. Now I get it, it could be something else. There’s also a chance you may not know how to prospect for sales.

If that’s the case, I recommend you check out a course I created called the “Target Marketing Strategies Course”. Check out the course and learn how to improve your skills when it comes to prospecting today.

How to Find Network Marketing Prospects

Learning how to find network marketing prospects is a key factor to success in your business. Without learning that specific skill, you could end up feeling stuck. Not sure who to talk to or where you should even start prospecting to find potential customers? No worries.

So, I want to help you grab a sense of how to prospect. Even if you don’t have a bunch of fancy or expensive prospecting tools, using these strategies can help you find potential new business.

STEP 1 – Study Your Products

This by far is one of the most important sales prospecting techniques. The more you know what you’re selling, the better you’ll become at knowing who you’re supposed to sell to daily.

STEP 2 – Choose Your Platform

Decide which platform you believe where most of your prospects are.

STEP 3 – Select A Strategy

Choose which strategy you want to use to find potential customers. You can choose one of these strategies if you’re not sure which one to use.

STEP 4 – Target & Identify Ideal Prospects

Make sure you’re in your target market and see who has a need for your services or products. This is one of the most simple yet or overlooked sales prospecting tips people tend to overlook.

STEP 5 – Connect with and Qualify Prospects

One of the final steps of prospecting new ideal customers is qualifying. Connect with them and ask qualifying questions to see if they’re an ideal fit for what you’re selling.

Importance of Prospecting in Sales

Keep in mind, there are literally tons of prospecting ideas in network marketing that you can use to find potential customers for your products and or services. I was actually looking into creating a guide to sales prospecting to help make things easier for you. Is that something you’d potentially be interested in? 

Prospecting Ideas in Network Marketing

If that’s the case, either comment below or post it inside of our private community on Facebook.

Whether it’s prospecting leads or some would say prospecting potential customers, having the proper prospecting training makes a difference.

If you want to boost your prospecting knowledge and skills, follow this link and grab my course.

It’ll walk you through step by step how to find ideal buyers for your products and services.

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  1. Hi Rod, lovely to meet a fellow freedom-preneur. I’m curious, would you agree that these prospecting ideas can also apply to just about any business? 

    I feel that this process would work for coaches as well as network marketers and many other service providers and would love your insights.

    Also, what is your favourite prospecting strategy that has helped you attract qualified leads? I’m curious to hear your insights. Thanks so much.


    1. Hey Nika,

      Definitely agree they can apply to any business. My favorite prospecting strategy is the Facebook Graph search. Since it basically is it’s own search engine, it’s really simple to use if you know your target audience. Whether a keyword or hashtag, they both can help you find ideal buyers no what you’re promoting.

  2. Hi Rod. Thank you for very interesting article. Im just started my adventure with digital marketing but I already learnt that identifying clients is key to success. Your post is very helpful, and couldn’t agree more that every time we need to start from studying our product to fully understand opportunities and profile of potential customers. Looking forward to use your advices and recommendations in practice.

    1. Awesome! Happy to hear you find the information helpful. 
      Look forward to celebrating your results and success.
      Let’s make it happen.

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