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SEO Checklist for Blog Posts (2022)

SEO Checklist for Blog Posts

You’re here because you’re looking for a reliable SEO checklist for blog posts. Am I right? Look, I completely understand. When you’re first learning SEO, things can tend to get overwhelming. 

I remember going through that exact phase. Late nights I used to Google ways to get better at search engine optimization all day everyday. It felt like no matter how much I knew, there was always more I had to learn. 

Once I actually got a grasp of a simple blog post SEO checklist, things got a lot easier. I started creating content a lot faster and it seemed to get easier every time I completed a post. It even got to a point where I was creating content without even looking at my SEO checklist. 

All the confidence I gained started with a checklist. Whether it’s a seo checklist for new websites or seo checklist for beginners, using the checklist I plan to share will work. 

SEO Checklist for Blog Posts

But first, let’s take a second and dive into what SEO truly is.

What is SEO

SEO is short for the term “Search Engine Optimization”. It basically is the process of making your website and or blog posts available for the search engines. In other words, by optimizing your content (keywords) for the search engines, you’re increasing the chances of your content popping up when people search for certain keywords. 

What having a blog post checklist full of SEO tasks does for you is simple. 

It increases the chances that your content will be shown in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. SEO is one of the best marketing methods period. 

If you’re not utilizing the strategy, there’s a great chance you’re losing out on a ton of quality traffic.

Use This SEO Checklist for Blog Posts

Having an SEO checklist for blog posts is very beneficial. An SEO checklist for website or blog posts can help you position yourself as an authority. When people go to search engines, they’re looking for answers and more information. 

So if you’re able to create content that has just that, you have a great chance of being a source of information for people looking for it. 

And if people are looking for information on your products or services, it would be smart to put your content in front of them. Wouldn’t you agree? Well in order to do that, I recommend you follow these steps when creating your content

SEO Checklist for Blog Posts

  • Find A Keyword
  • Create A Title Around Your Keyword
  • Insert Your Keyword At Least Twice Into Your Content
  • Publish Your Content
  • Share Your Content

This is just a simple checklist you can use to start optimizing your content for the search engines. And of course there are more advanced seo steps you can follow, but more on that later. 

Although it may not seem like a lot, this simple seo content creation checklist is good enough to start helping you rank your content in the search engines. 

Now it all comes down to continuously improving upon your SEO efforts. These are some of the practices I recommend you follow.

SEO best practices

SEO Checklist for Blog Posts

One of the SEO best practices tips I want to share with you is one of the most powerful. You see, this checklist definitely works. But there’s more you can implement to help improve your rankings in the search engines. 

Learn How to Find Quality Keywords

Finding quality keywords to create content about is the first step to mastering SEO. Keywords are simply search terms your ideal buyers will be searching for before they make a purchase. So when they want more information about your products or services, what will they be typing into Google? Here’s a tool below you can use to start finding quality keywords and topics.

Once you start finding keywords buyers are searching for, the closer you are to utilizing SEO to help you generate more leads and sales.

Take Advantage of Keyword Lists

As you’re finding keywords you want to create content about, it’s important to add them to a list you can refer to later. Once they’re on your list, you won’t have to guess what you want to blog about next.

Utilize the “Yoast SEO” Plugin

So what I recommend is you download one of the best SEO plugins online. The name of the SEO plugin I recommend is “Yoast SEO”. It’s the same exact SEO plugin I use to make sure I’m completing my seo best practices checklist. 

It provides a simple to follow SEO checklist wordpress users can use as they’re creating their content. In real time, as you complete a task, it gets checked off to let you know you’re headed in the right direction. 

I feel it’s so important to have an SEO content checklist that corrects you in real time. That way you have no reason to complain as you’re creating your content. It lays steps out for you to complete. 


Whether you follow the checklist and best practices I’ve laid out above for you, is on you. And whether you follow the SEO checklist for blog posts the Yoast plugin gives you is up to you as well. Just know, it works and can help you get your content in front of the number one site in the world. In result, that means you get in front of endless eyeballs and visitors as well. Remember, more traffic gives you a greater chance at earning more revenue.

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