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What is Prospecting in Sales?

What is Prospecting in Sales?

What is prospecting in sales exactly? I used to ask myself the same question when I first began my online journey of learning how to sell. I’m sure that’s why you’re here as well right?

So not only am I going to help you understand what it is, but I’m going to share some resources with you throughout this post that will help you gain a better understanding.

Alright, so let’s get straight to it.


So What Is Prospecting in Sales?

First things first, according to Hubspot, sales prospecting is basically a process where you search for potential customers, clients or buyers in hopes of developing or creating new business. 

Now, it’s also a big deal that you know that prospecting is just one of the steps throughout a typical sales process. If you’re not sure what I mean, don’t worry. Make sure you check back in because I’ll be covering sales processes pretty soon. 

But for now, let’s focus on the importance of prospecting.

Importance of Prospecting in Sales

The importance of prospecting in sales is not just important, but it can be the make or break factor in your selling efforts. Question for you, have you ever struggled getting sales in your business? Or, are you currently struggling with closing sales in your business?

If you answered yes to any of the questions I just asked above, it’s very likely that you haven’t applied sales prospecting or haven’t done it correctly.

What is Prospecting in Sales

Before selling anyone anything, doesn’t it make sense to know if they’re qualified to buy first?

I mean, what if you’re selling something that costs four thousand dollars, but the person you’re speaking to only has $400 to their name? Probably isn’t an ideal buyer or customer, right?

Understanding what I just shared with you will help you realize prospecting is not difficult, but very necessary if you want to help you and your customer benefit simultaneously.

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Why is Prospecting Difficult for Some Salespeople?

So now that we know the importance of prospecting, why is prospecting difficult for some salespeople? Truth is, most people when they’re first getting started with their business, just want to focus on making money. Are you guilty of that as well?

I sure was one of those who wanted an immediate return on investment. 

So if I had to list out some of the reasons why prospecting can be difficult, I would start with the following 4 reasons.

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4 Reasons People Find Prospecting Difficult

  1. Lack of Patience
    • When it comes to prospecting and finding potential customers, it can definitely take time. Not every person you come across is an ideal buyer. Take your time and know the signs of a potential customer who’s ready to purchase your products or services. The only way you can do that, is you must overcome reason number two below.
  1. Lack of Clarity
    • Ok, so we know we need to prospect and find potential customers. But people tend to get stuck asking, “who is an ideal buyer for my products or services?” In order to understand who’s ready to buy what you’re selling, I recommend you create something called a “customer avatar”. Once you’ve created your customer avatar, you’ll have clarity on exactly who you should be looking for as a potential customer when prospecting.

      I recommend you continue to study and get clarity on buyer ready prospects. The more clarity you have, the easier it is to find potential customers.
what is prospecting in sales
  1. Lack of Sales Knowledge
    • What I’ve noticed after people finally get a hand of prospecting, is that they don’t know what to do or say once they are able to find potential buyers. They tend to ask…

      – “how do I connect with them?”


      – “what do I say to them once I connect with them?”

      At the end of the day, this all comes down to sales knowledge. Now I briefly cover this in step #4 in a previous post I created. But ultimately, if you want to get your questions answered directly, reach out to us here. Once you join our support group, we’ll be more than happy to get your answers to you once you ask them.
  1. Lack of Prospecting Tools
    • If you’re looking to make your prospecting efforts a lot more simple or efficient, it’s important you use the right tools. Two of the tools I tend to suggest people use are Tagboard and Facebook’s Graph Search. These tools are so simple to use to help you find ideal prospects, these are definitely the best places to start.

Sales Prospecting Techniques

Now it is awesome to have the proper tools for your prospecting efforts. 

Ultimately, the sales prospecting techniques you implement while using the tools is what makes your prospecting abilities ever more effective. Here are some techniques below you can start using.

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  • Set Up a Block of Time for Prospecting
  • Find Prospects Using the Graph Search
  • Connect Without Selling
  • Become a Value Provider
  • Engage with Posts of Targeted Prospects via Tag-board’s “Real-Time Content” Tool.

Also, there’s another post I created to help you learn how to create prospecting lists.

I show you 3 ways you can create lists and keep track of potential customers.

I’ll be going more in depth in regards to these techniques so keep an eye out on our latest posts.

In the meantime, here’s the post where I show you how to create prospecting lists step-by-step.

Benefits of Prospecting

There are tons of benefits of prospecting for potential customers.

The more you prospect, the more you can qualify people and see if they’re in a position to buy from you. 

Then, the more you talk to people who are qualified to purchase your products or services, the more likely they are to say yes to what you’re selling and become customers.

What is Prospecting in Sales

And of course, the more customers you successfully sell to, the more income you end up creating in your business.

So what is prospecting in sales you ask?

Long story short, it’s one of the most important steps you should apply before you start promoting and selling your products to everyone, everywhere.

Once you realize not everyone wants to become a customer of yours, you’ll start spending more time talking to the right people. 

Which in result, your sales rate can potentially sky-rocket. 

Especially if you spend most of your time prospecting and identifying the right consumers for your products or services.


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  1. Hi Rod. Thank you for very interesting article. I just started my own online business recently and posts like this are extremely helpful. I never thought about prospecting techniques but couldn’t agree more that looking for right people who are potential customers is key to success. Its not worth to spend time on everyone, and your advices and recommendations can be extremely useful to do it better.

    1. Anytime you find the content I share extremely useful, it’s an extreme compliment! I’m very thankful for your feedback. Whenever you need assistance along your online journey, go ahead and check back in here so I can continue to help you create results in your business. Look forward to celebrating your success!

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