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What is The Best Free WordPress Theme for Affiliate Marketing?

What is The Best Free WordPress Theme for Affiliate Marketing

What is the best free wordpress theme for affiliate marketing? If that question is the reason  why you’re here, you’re in the right place. You’re likely also wondering which ones are best to use in regards to wordpress themes for business. So let’s go over how you can utilize website templates wordpress provides it’s site and blog owners. 

What is The Best Free WordPress Theme for Affiliate Marketing

I’ll also share the best free theme for affiliate marketing. But before we go over wordpress websites and themes, there’s a question we should address first.

What is A Theme in WordPress?

Although you want to find the best free wordpress themes for affiliate marketing, let’s cover something immediately. What is a theme in wordpress? Well according to Dreamhost.com, a theme in wordpress is a set of files that help dictate the appearance of your site or blog. For example, look at our site here at OnlineBusinessHelp.org and how it’s laid out. Are primary goal is to provide business help to those looking for training and guidance for their online business. So we didn’t set up the site to sell necessarily. The theme we chose was based on providing value. So therefore, we set up the site based on a value-first approach. Whether it’s wordpress themes for blogs or sites, it’s important to match your theme with your site’s intent.

Alright so now that’s covered, let’s cover some of the themes.

Best Free WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing

Some of the best wordpress themes for affiliate marketing can be found within your WA backoffice. Once you find them, it’s important to read the theme details. But first, let’s show you how to find them.

1st Step:

Enjoy Searching Through Over 4,000 Free Themes

As you’re using the WA site builder, you’re going to be completing four simple to follow steps. Once you reach the fourth step, you’ll be able to view thousands of free themes available for use.

What is The Best Free WordPress Theme for Affiliate Marketing

No matter your online business, there’s a wordpress site theme available for you.

2nd Step:

Type the Word “Affiliate” into the Search Box

In order to shorten your search for affiliate marketing friendly themes, simply type in the word “Affiliate”. In result, you’ll see tons of themes pop up that are affiliate ready and built to increase your profits online.

What is The Best Free WordPress Theme for Affiliate Marketing

But the truth is, none of these themes mean anything if you don’t know how to sell. More on that in a second.

One of the Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: In My Opinion

Whether you’re promoting on social media or for the search engines, your theme is important. There’s a specific theme I recommend for both newcomers and seasoned marketers. Why this theme in particular? I say it’s simple, plus it has some flexibility.

Affiliate Marketingly

The affiliate marketing theme I recommend is called “Affiliate Marketingly”. Now before you make assumptions about the theme, check out the wordpress theme details. Flexibility and having control over enough customization can be very beneficial. Which is why I recommend this specific theme. Well, at least when you’re just getting started. Another theme I would recommend is Munk sites. But honestly, I would only recommend it if you’re experienced. But regardless, if you’re a seasoned marketer or business owner, the choice is yours. Of course there are paid wordpress themes you can use, but they’re not that necessary initially.

Browse WordPress Themes Inside of WA

If you want to continue your wordpress theme search, I recommend you login to your WA backoffice. Regardless of the business you’re promoting, the wordpress theme you’re looking for may be right there in front of you.

Just as a reminder, selecting a theme isn’t as important as knowing how to sell and grow your business. Learn how to build your business and take advantage of the best free business wordpress themes online with the program below. It’ll help you learn what it takes to create results in an online business.

What is The Best Free WordPress Theme for Affiliate Marketing?

So now that you’re able to search and preview the themes as well, what is the best free wordpress theme for affiliate marketing in your opinion?

Are there any themes not on this list that you recommend?

Share it in the comments below!

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